Tuberculosis kills one person every 18 seconds.
It can be prevented, treated, and cured.
But many governments are failing patients with outdated policies and practices.
This has to change.

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Dear Minister of Health,
I am writing to ask that you implement lifesaving national TB policies and practices that meet international standards, including testing and treatment of TB and its drug-resistant forms, by World TB Day, March 24, 2018.

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Step Up For TB

Tuberculosis, the world’s deadliest infectious disease, kills 1.8 million people a year.

These deaths are preventable. The latest diagnostic tests can quickly and accurately diagnose TB. New medicines have revolutionised treatment.

So why are people still dying? The 2015 Out of Step report by Stop TB Partnership and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) surveyed 24 countries and found that many are using outdated and ineffective policies, practices and tools for diagnosing and treating TB.

The Step Up for TB campaign is calling upon governments to urgently update their key practices in line with the World Health Organisation’s latest guidelines by World TB Day 2018.

The clock is ticking. You can help.

Sign our letter asking these 24 governments to Step Up for TB.



Each Year
10.4 Million New Cases
1.8 Million Deaths
Each Day
26,000New Cases
4,900 Deaths
403 Missed

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I asked governments to #StepUpforTB - let’s end preventable #TB deaths! Join the campaign at @MSF_access @StopTB

#TB is curable but kills 1 person every 18 seconds. Governments must take action! #StepUpforTB @MSF_access @StopTB

Phumeza Tisile,
TB Survivor and Activist, South Africa

"The machines that can detect DR-TB in hours should be available world-wide so that everyone might have a chance of cure, in my case it took three weeks to get the TB results, by then I was so weak that I had to be hospitalised"

Safar Naimov,
TB Survivor and Activist, Tajikistan

"Many countries are using outdated medicines and regimens with terrible side effects - vomiting, headaches, depression and confusion. Many face barriers to accessing testing and treatment – stigma, discrimination, poverty, and lack of knowledge. While I was cured, I lost several family members to MDR-TB"

Deepti Chavan,
TB Survivor and Advocate, India

"Can you imagine how DR-TB patients consume 15-20 pills per day for 2 years? We need shorter and safer drug regimens. People are dying of curable disease isn't that a reason enough to Step Up for TB"

Endalkachew Fekadu,
TB Activist and Pharmacist, Ethiopia

"The MDR-TB drugs were difficult to import and weren’t registered with drug administration. But after raising our voices, I got the medicine I needed and they are now widely available"

Out of Step Report

In 2017, the Stop TB Partnership and MSF published this survey of TB treatment and diagnostic practices in 29 countries. The results show that many of these countries urgently need to bring their practices in line with international guidelines for the effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of this life-threatening disease.

Out of Step Report 2014
2014 Report
Out of Step Report 2015
2015 Report
Out of Step Report 2017
2017 Report
Out of Step Report 2017